Wadi As Sulai Brand Identity

Wadi As Sulai

The Wadi As Sulai is an exercise in naturalizing built up and semi-urban landscapes to provide Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, with flood protection but also a significant new civic amenity. Integrated into the fabric of urban life, As Sulai will serve as a compelling centre of nature appreciation and of recreation in a natural setting.

The Riyadh Municipality commissioned Bhandari & Plater to create a memorable brand identity for the Wadi As Sulai. The project began with a consideration of scope, goals and objectives as well as an analysis of the market and its needs. The finished brand ensures the Wadi As Sulai is memorable, visually integrated with it’s landscape, services and culture, works easily and inexpensively in all media, and bilingual in Arabic and English.

Brand guidelines, signage and wayfinding systems were designed, prototyped and tested before implementation.

Wadi As Sulai Brand Identity

Wadi As Sulai Brand Identity - logo elements

Wadi As Sulai Brand Identity - logo description

Wadi As Sulai - signage and wayfinding

Wadi As Sulai - poster

Wadi As Sulai - logo design on car

Wadi As Sulai - poster and water bottle